Dead Man's Corner Museum... named from 1944 when a US Stuart tank was knocked out by the Germans occupying the house engaged the troops coming down from Utah Beach. The fire power was so heavy the Americans couldn't get the dead occupants out - the corner of the road a strategic route down to Carentan then started to be referenced by the US forces 'as the corner with the dead guy hanging out the tank' which after 4 days was shortened to 'dead mans corner'. A great collection and great shop, the guys that run the place truly enthusiastic - check it out.

Welcome to La Manche – the peninsula of Normandy. From Mont St Michel to Cherbourg between land and sea there is an amazing diversification of landscapes. 355 KMs of coast with sandy beaches, harbours, cliffs, charming fishing villages. Walking, bike riding or driving escape away from the 'hubbub' of city life. Walk in the footsteps of the pilgrims to Mont St Michel, wonder at the drama of the invasion in 1944. Try the festivals in the area, the markets and the fairs, dine in quality restaurants... it's all here!

Malcolm Forbes purchased this chateau, the place that hot air ballooning was invented, since his death his family have continued with the project At age 48, Forbes took up air ballooning. He became an internationally known balloonist when he set six official world records while flying coast-to-coast across America in a hot air balloon. He was the first person in history to attempt the feat. For this achievement, he was awarded the Harmon Trophy and was named Aeronaut-of the-Year in 1975. He also founded the world's first balloon museum at the Forbes-owned Château de Balleroy, France in 1975.

This web site is designed to reflect to events for the 60th anniversary however has developed to cover the POW's returning, the liberation of the concentration camps and the end of the war in 1945. With all the communes in Normandy participating and joining together the communities, the veterans and the civilians that were witnesses to these historical events in 1944.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel, just an hours drive away, connected by a causeway with the mainland. The islet, celebrated for its Benedictine abbey, has small houses and shops on its lowest level. Above these stand the monastic buildings, many of which date from the 13th century and are considered outstanding examples of Gothic architecture. The entire islet is crowned by the abbey church, about 73 m (about 240 ft) above sea level. Well worth a visit.. but go early!

Created in 1991 the Park covers an area in excess of 145,000 Hectares with 30,000 areas known as the marshes of Cotentin and Bessin. A Conservation area with a great richness of flora and fauna. The Pont d'Ouvre just outside Carentan is the information centre where it is also possible to take a boat cruise to see the river's, marshes and the abundant birdlife.

Ray and Cristy Pfeiffer, the owners of Historic Tours have returned from Normandy to their Florida research office. They are proud to have operated well executed group tours on the 60th Anniversary of D-Day as well as their 60th Anniversary Commemorative Tour for Easy Company, 506th P.I.R. which featured "Wild Bill" Guarnere and "Babe" Heffron. These tours as well as others operated in 2004 were complete successes. Cristy and Ray are now planning their 60th Anniversary Commemorative Tour and V-E Cold War Commemorative Tour both of which are sponsored by the History Channel. They are also planning their D-Day Commemorative Tour for independent travelers to Normandy in June 2005.

During the tour season, Cristy and Ray reside in the Omaha Beach Sector of Normandy, France and during the off season they reside in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. They are the only American Tour Directors who actually live in Normandy and they live the history daily. However, although they reside six months of the year in Normandy, they also personally guide their tour members in Paris, the Battle of the Bulge areas of Belgium and Luxembourg and Germany

Sainte-Mere-Eglise is a small village west of the Utah beach and was the first to be liberated by the allied.

It is also specially known because of the American parachutist John Steele who was "captured" by the church tower.

The story was used in the movie "The Longest Day" where Red Buttons played the part.

Every year a doll with a Parachute is 'hung' from the tower in memory of the liberation.

Clay Pigeon Shooting with a difference. Set in the grounds of a Normandy Chateau.

This Zoological Park is open

Discover the fascinating universe of wild animals in a delightful landscaped scenery. Just an hour away on the D924 between Villedieu & Granville

Kingshead Battlefield Tours are able to offer a unique tailor-made battlefield tour service for individuals, couples, families or small parties.

Not only are they specialists to The Western Front in the Great War they are able to incorporate visits to WW2 venues such as Arnhem and Normandy.

Hot air ballooning.

We organise trips with this company.

Utah Beach museum

War Tours

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